Anti Fraud Organization in Japan

Internet fraud is a growing problem in the world including Japan. Internet is intertwined in daily lives. Internet users need to be more clever than the scammers. Be aware of fraudsters tactics and strive to have a more secure cyberspace. The Japan Anti-Fraud Organization (JAFO) promotes the deterrence and detection of financial reporting frauds, fraud awareness programs, and educational opportunities against fraud.

Fraud and financially motivated internet crimes are growing rapidly. People are scammed, ripped off or conned every day and Japan Anti Fraud Organization (JAFO) want to stop it. As the amount of business conducted over the internet increases, the internet fraud problem reached on highest level. Fraudsters are using new techniques to cheat innocent people.

Fraudsters are targeting victims by Japan’s good image as an honest nation in the world, using Japanese fake name or fake address of Japan to cheat the victims. This Organization has discovered many websites, using Japanese name. Japanese address. But physically not in Japan. Such fraud websites are mostly controlled from out of Japan.


  • Before sending money to seller, carefully check if company you’re dealing in Japan is verified by Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO).
  • Call the telephone number of seller in Japan start with +81 or 0081 appear on their website.
  • Pay by safest ways like Credit Card,  Japan Trust Pay, or Letter of Credit.
  • Always take time to look into who is requesting the money before you pay up.
  • Research about the company you’re going to deal in detail.
  • Do not impressed with good looking website design. Criminals also can buy professional looking website template to gain victim’s trust.
  • Never trust unusual cheap prices or offers that seem too good to be true.