Beware of scam emails purporting to come from UNODC


Various types of scam emails purporting to be from or associated with UNODC have been circulating on the internet. Some of these emails request detailed information and/or money from individuals, businesses or non-profit organisations with the promise that they will receive funds or other benefits in return. Other emails ask for registration fees for conferences or for certificates purportedly needed for the transfer of funds. Regularly, these scam emails also mention the names of individual UNODC staff members or carry the United Nations/UNODC logo. The email addresses from which these scam emails emanate are often made to look like a United Nations/UNODC address.

Please pay no heed to such fraudulent emails. These emails are in no way associated with UNODC or with its staff members. UNODC wishes to warn the public of these misleading and often fraudulent practices and suggests that recipients, if at all in doubt after having read this notice, verify their authenticity before sending any response. In particular UNODC suggests that recipients do not send money or personal information in response to anyone who claims to be awarding funds, grants, scholarships, certificates, lottery winnings or prizes, or who requests payment of registration fees of any kind, in the name of UNODC.