Caution for Study in Japan Scams

Beware of frauds and scams promising to secure a high-paying job for you while studying in Japan
You may have seen advertisements that guarantee high-paying jobs in Japan recently.
Be wary of “Study in Japan” agents who give you false or misleading information in order to trick you and demand money. They might use websites with false information such as:
False: “You can earn JPY 300,000 per month by doing a part-time job while studying in Japan.”
Fact: No such thing exists.

False: “You can earn JPY 3,000 per hour by doing a part time job.”
Fact: The average hourly wage is about JPY 800 (about USD 7).

False: “You can cover your tuition, living costs and also send money to your home country by making money while studying in Japan.”
Fact: There is no such thing as “making plenty of money” while studying in Japan. Foreign students in Japan are not allowed fulltime work.