Immigration Services Agency “Efforts Toward Human Trafficking Countermeasures” Top Page

Here you will find information on efforts toward human trafficking countermeasures at the Immigration Services Agency of the Ministry of Justice.

What is Human Trafficking? Human trafficking refers to the use of violence, threats, abduction, scams, or other such means that take advantage of vulnerable persons to obtain, transport, or receive such persons for the purpose of exploiting them by forcing them into prostitution or other labor. Various support centers of relevant administrative organs, including the Immigration Services Agency, respond to cases of persons who have been determined to be victims of human trafficking (or possibly victims of such). With the primary goal of protecting victims, these government agencies will also seek the judgment of specialist administrative organs when necessary and mutually cooperate to handle cases of trafficking. If you are a victim of human trafficking or have information about an instance of human trafficking, please contact the following centers for help.

Efforts Toward Human Trafficking Countermeasures: Human trafficking is a grave violation of human rights that requires a swift and appropriate response from a humanitarian standpoint as well. This is because human trafficking inflicts upon its victims—particularly women and children—severe mental and physical suffering, causing harm that is difficult to recover from. Also, as it is a crime that crosses borders, human trafficking is a problem of great concern to the international community. The relevant government ministries and offices, including the Immigration Services Agency, are cooperating to promote countermeasures against human trafficking.