Money Back Guarantee

The Japan Anti-Fraud Organization offer money back guarantee for Japanese companies with A+++ trust rank. The A+++ is the maximum trust rank awarded to only those Japanese company which has not involve in any criminal or fraud case including clean tax record (no tax fraud) at Japan National Tax Agency in 20 or more years.

If a Japanese company/seller with A+++ trust rank failed to supply goods/merchandise to a foreign buyer within the agreed period, the paid amount will be sent back to foreign buyer. However, the foreign buyer protection is against non-supply of product(s) only. If Japanese seller fail to ship the good(s) to overseas buyer, this Organization will back invoice amount to overseas buyer. However, the money back guarantee doesn’t cover quality of merchandise.

To avoid risk of defected or broken goods as well as supply of low-quality product(s) physical inspection of goods before shipment called “pre-shipment inspection” (PSI) or “pre-purchase inspection” (PPI) by “Japan Inspection Organization” (JIO) is recommend.

The money back guarantee also doesn’t cover fake product(s). To avoid risk of getting “fake Made in Japan” product(s) confirmation before purchase at “Made in Japan Organization” (MIJO) is recommend.