Verified Company Batfa Japan Inc.

This is to verify that below Japanese company is registered in Japan according to “Japan company registration act” and is not involve in any fraud activity.
Japan Anti Fraud Organization (JAFO) has investigated 20 years previous record of below company and found no business fraud complain, no tax fraud,  and no criminal record at Japan National Police agency (NPA). The below company is cleared to do international trade and accepting remittances from overseas countries.

Verification No.: 2311006
Verification status: A+++
Company name: Batfa Japan Inc. (BJ Group of Companies)
Business type: Exporter of New Japanese cars, used Japanese vehicles and Japanese Motorcycles. Also worldwide sales & export of Japanese health products.
Address: 1-Chome. Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0017, Japan
President/CEO: T. Murayama (Chairman of group)
Tel: 03-3413-8080
Fax: 03-3413-8084