Warning E-mails thought to be related to a bank transfer scam that uses the name of the Immigration Bureau of Japan

by Immigration Bureau of Japan

The other day, we were informed that someone “received an e-mail with instructions to make a bank transfer in cash to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau.” The contents of the e-mail were as follows.

・ “Currently, at the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau, we are assisting people to find employment at “Japan Energy (JOMO)” based on the Japanese government’s policy of securing highly-skill foreign nationals. The Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau will take care of procedures such as for a certificate of eligibility, etc. of job candidates. We request that you transfer the processing fees related to these various procedures to the designated bank account.”

The Immigration Bureau does not request cash transfers for various applications in advance.

Consequently, if you do receive the above kind of e-mail, bear in mind that it does not have anything to do with the Immigration Bureau. As there is a high possibility that this e-mail is part of a bank transfer scam that uses the name of the Immigration Bureau, please make sure to be careful.